Volunteer Opportunities

We hope you’ll be willing to share your time and talents as many hands make light work. It can be fun and rewarding. Also, we need YOU. You can dip your toe in and try one or two things, or sign-up for everything!

Education and Music Appreciation 

Education and Music Appreciation are at the core of our mission. You can help with the School Concerts @ Tanger where we bring 20,000 students to see the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra perform a specially orchestrated concert just for them or you can also help with the Annual Education Campaign.

Hospitality and Membership

Hospitality is our middle name. We get together several times a year to enjoy a program, catch up on Guild happenings, and socialize. Sometimes we gather in a member’s home, sometimes at a sponsor’s place. You can help with the plans, decorations, food, invitations, or even by opening your home. 

Greensboro Symphony Presentation Ball

Greensboro Symphony Presentation Ball is a wonderful, formal ball that we have been hosting for over 40 years. A group of debutantes, noticed for their leadership, are invited because we believe that wherever they settle, they will become future groundbreakers in the arts community. The debutante season has many events, culminating in a formal ball where the debutantes are presented. A small army of volunteers work to make this happen, flawlessly, each winter and volunteer opportunities are many. 

A Notable Night @ Tanger

A Notable Night @ Tanger is our fall gala where we celebrate before a Greensboro Symphony Orchestra performance with a party, raffle, and silent auction. You can help with the plans, invitations, decorations, acquisitions of auction items, and execution of the action.

Love and Music 

Love and Music is our spring tennis tournament, luncheon, and fashion show. You can help with the organization and execution, or by competing in the tournament, or modeling in the fashion show.

Golden Antiques and Treasures

Golden Antiques and Treasures is the place where the Golden Girls find new homes for the treasures they’ve collected from our members. You may like to help by collecting, delivering, organizing, donating or buying some of the treasures. 

Sponsor Events and 88 Keys

Sponsor events, where we engage with our generous sponsors to promote music education and music appreciation. The events happen throughout the year and are varied and lots of fun. Everyone can find a volunteer opportunity that is suitable for them here. 

Communications and Marketing

Communications are foundational to the Guild. We use many platforms to reach out to our members, sponsors, and the community. If you like to write, talk, organize, post, photograph, or have skills in social media, sign up for communications!