Debutante Program

Our 2024 Greensboro Symphony Guild Debutantes

The Symphony Debutantes

The Symphony Presentation Ball benefits both the Greensboro Symphony Guild and the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra. This year marks the forty-seventh ball, with 934 young women having been presented since 1978.

The Greensboro Symphony Debutantes are chosen based on their outstanding contributions to the community, which are good indicators of a willingness and interest on their part to be productive citizens and strong advocates for the community and the arts. The Debutantes serve as ambassadors for the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra during their debutante season and are asked to be exemplary representatives of the arts community in Greensboro.

An annual donation to the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra is made on behalf of the young women by the Symphony Guild, which sponsors this event.

Presentation Ball:  The purpose of the Symphony Presentation Ball is to provide an area of public relations between the Guild and the community, and to recognize outstanding young women in the greater Greensboro area.  Daughters and granddaughters of those Guild members who have been in good standing for two or more years and daughters or granddaughters of Symphony Orchestra Board members receive first consideration.  In a given year, a Guild member in good standing may sponsor her daughter(s) or granddaughter(s) or the daughter of a non-member. Potential Debutantes must have graduated High School the year prior to applying (e.g. HS graduation in 2017, potential Debutante in 2018) and must be engaged in a post High School Program at the time of application.  Gap Years may or may not be considered a Program and will be considered on an individual basis. The call for nominations will be announced in December and all nominations should be sent to the Chair of the Presentation Ball Steering Committee. For more information on our Debutante Program, please contact our Executive Assistant at [email protected] or 1-336-486-5355. Thank you for your interest and support of our mission!