About Us

Vision Statement

Because music matters in enhancing the quality of life in the surrounding community, the Greensboro Symphony Guild seeks to promote and fund music education through its support of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra by engaging all segments of our population in developing music appreciation and by cultivating opportunities for visibility within the community at large.

Mission Statement

The Greensboro Symphony Guild serves as an advocate for music education and appreciation in the community, primarily by supporting the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra, Inc. through financial, educational and promotional activities.

The Tradition

The Greensboro Symphony Guild was created in 1964 to promote and foster music culture and education primarily by aiding the Greensboro Symphony Society in the promotion of an orchestra in the community. Although the antecedents of the Symphony had been performing since 1920, the Symphony Society, founded in 1959, soon recognized the need for a vital support group. With the help and advice from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro faculty members, the Junior League was enlisted to organize a community-based Symphony Guild of dedicated women. Since our inception in 1964, the Greensboro Symphony Guild has played a vital role in the promotion and support of the outstanding Greensboro Symphony Orchestra in the community.

  • Membership of over 200 volunteers
  • Advocates for music education and appreciation in the community

The Service

Each year the 200+ members of the Guild help reach over 20,000 children and adults in the Triad through their educational programs and fundraising efforts. The result of these efforts is a yearly Guild contribution to the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra in excess of $60,000. As part of its mission from the Society, the Guild has helped develop funding for children’s concerts.

  • Music in the Middle
  • Elementary School Concerts
  • High School Partnership
  • Youth Orchestra

The Commitment

For 60 years the Guild has enthusiastically worked to support the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra through financial, educational and promotional activities.

Combined fundraisers over the years have raised more than $1,000,000 to support the Endowment and the Guild’s music education programs in the community.

The Awards

Through the years, Guild ticket campaigns, educational programs, and fundraising efforts have received national recognition and awards from the American Symphonic Orchestra League. The Guild received its greatest honor in 1985, when President Reagan bestowed The President’s Volunteer Action Award for outstanding service.