President’s Message (3/26/24)

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Message from the President
Elizabeth Heard


Dear Guild Members and Friends of the Guild,

   School concerts have just concluded and it couldn’t have gone better. Four days, two concerts per day, 20,000 third, fourth and seventh grade students from five school districts in four counties, plus some private schools. We had over 40 volunteers, many for several days. After departing their buses and entering into the Tanger Center, Guild volunteers assisted in directing the students to their assigned area and seated with their respective school. The trickiest part is getting 2,500 students out of the building and safely onto their buses, while 2,500 more come into the building and quickly get seated in the short break between concerts, without losing any students (or teachers). Phew!

   The wonderful part is the reaction of the children. When they come into the Tanger Center, most for the first time, they are amazed at how ‘fancy” it is. One seventh grader asked me if I owned the place (probably because I had a walkie talkie) and I told them that because the City of Greensboro owns it, we all own it since we are citizens. Another child pointed out Dr. Feldman and said, “Look! There’s that famous guy!” His picture was in the crumpled program the child pulled out of their pocket.

   You cannot attend school concerts without a great appreciation for the teachers. It would probably be easier to stay in the classroom, but they know the trip to Tanger and the 45-minute concert will have an impact on the students that they won’t forget. Special thanks to Nancy BogardKim Littrell and Frances Vinoski who have led this effort for many years, including adapting to the Tanger Center. They have turned over the reigns to the very capable team of Amy Evans and Renee Anguili.

   At this time of year, you can subscribe to a Piano Key, for yourself or in honor of or in memory of a friend. We will have a board on display at our next several events. If more people subscribe to keys, we’ll get another board. We are grateful to Guild sponsor, ABolder Image, who helped us with the design and in keeping the production cost very low. Click here to purchase your piano key online!

   Don’t forget that our Spring Fling at Steinway is on Friday, March 29 from 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Thanks to Annie Hadgkiss and Val Wolicki for helping to put this together. Click here to RSVP!

   The Classics will have their Wine and Cheese Reception on April 17 from 3:00 – 4:30 pm, hosted by Guild sponsor Well Spring, in their private living and dining room. Thanks to Peggy FollinAnne Daniel and Ellen Taft for organizing this fun afternoon.

  Finally, it is almost time for Love ‘n Music Tennis Classic and Luncheon. There has been a lot of interest already. You can get on the waitlist if you want to play tennis, and if the weather permits outdoor play, you’ll enjoy several rounds of fun tennis. If you don’t play tennis, come for lunch. And everyone should consider purchasing some raffle tickets, as the prizes are great!
Sign up for tennis, to be a sponsor, and have lunch by clicking here!
Purchase raffle tickets online by clicking here!
Our raffle prizes are:

  • 18K Gold Roberto Coin Bracelet donated by Guild sponsor, Fink’s Jewelers
  • Private Dinner for 6 donated by Guild sponsor, GIA: Drink. Eat. Listen
  • A Night at O.Henry Hotel donated by Guild sponsor, Quaintance-Weaver
  • Party Bus for 4 hours donated by Guild sponsor, TMRW Wealth

   Thank you for your continued support of the Guild.

2023-2024 President
Greensboro Symphony Guild
Music Matters!