2023 Annual Education Campaign Update

Kayla HineNews

2023 Annual Education Campaign Surpasses $7,000

 The Annual Education Campaign for 2023 has come to an end, and through the generosity of our donors we were able to raise over $7,000. These donations enable our Guild to continue our mission to fund the educational programs of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra. You have truly made a difference in the lives of many children and adults.

We are extremely grateful to the donors listed below.

Thank you!
Brooks Westerhoff
Annual Education Campaign Chair

Nancy Bogard 
Louann Clarke – In memory of Elissa Fuchs
Chris and Rick Coughlin
Elizabeth Craft
 – In honor of Rosemary Reed
Mary Beth and Mark Ebert – In honor of Brenda Macfadden
Debbie and Keith Faircloth – In memory of Elizabeth Rubens and JoAnna Bright
Mary S. Fisher
Peggy Follin
Deborah Friedman 
– In honor of The Brod Family
Laura and Robert Green – In honor of Elizabeth Lane Green and Shelby Gantt
Michelle Haaf
Belle V. Hamer

Peggy and David Hamilton – In honor of The Sitkovetsky Family and In memory of JoAnna Bright
Sherry Harris – In memory of Diane Musgrove
Fay Hoggard – In honor of Ruth Ann Stubblefield
Lori Holt – In memory of Joanne Schlaginhaufen
Mary and Rodney Ingram – In honor of Mary Rush
Robin Kallam – In memory of William Kallam
Barbara Key
Laura and Paul Kilmartin
 – In honor of Vanessa Skenes
Andrea and Ralph Knupp – In honor of Brenda Macfadden
Kim and Mark Littrell – In honor of JoAnna Bright
Lisa Lloyd
Nancye Milam – In honor of Mary Beth Ebert
Mimi Morton
Sherry and Mark Perini – In memory of Brian Beaupre
Rosemary and Bob Reed – In honor of All Guild Volunteers
Martha and Craig Siler – In Memory of JoAnna Bright
Mary Skenes
Vanessa Skenes and Brooke Fields – In honor of Beverly Wright and Brooks Westerhoff
Leigh Smith
Pam Smith
 – In honor of Mary Beth Ebert
Pam and Dennis Stearns
Louise Stolaroff
The Greensboro Symphony Presentation Ball Committee 
– In memory of Brian Beaupre and In honor of his family – Teresa, Hannah, Olivia and Emily
Julene and Richard Valitutto – In memory of JoAnna Bright
Frances and Chuck Vinoski – In memory of Tracey Tankersley
Mary Ann Vinson – In memory of Ann Elizabeth Pillow
Brooks and David Westerhoff
Gail Williams – In memory of JoAnna Bright
Linda Wilson – In honor of Teresa Beaupre
Beverly and Patrick Wright
Beverly and Pat Wright
 – In honor of Vanessa Skenes and Lisa Crawford and In memory of JoAnna Bright
Barbara Zednik