Nancye Milam Awarded 2020 Bravo Award!

Kim Riley News

   The Greensboro Symphony Guild is pleased to announce that this year’s recipient of the Bravo Award is Nancye Milam. The Bravo Award was established in 2004 to recognize a Guild member who has been in the Guild for 5 years or less and who has given extensive volunteer service.

    Nancye Milam joined the Greensboro Symphony Guild in 2017 and she was a Deb Mom in 2008. As a new member, Nancye quickly used her sales and marketing skills to the benefit of the Guild by assuming a leadership role as Co-Chair of the Community Relations team. She revamped the Symphony Guild Community Relations presentation and gave excellent presentations to various community groups during the year. She also updated and revised the Guild’s Pops Concert PowerPoint slides which are shown at all of the Pops Concerts.

   In 2018-2019 Nancye joined the Guild Executive Committee as Recording Secretary. When the Executive Committee recommended that the Guild membership communications vehicle be changed to an online newsletter, Tuned in Tuesday, Nancye stepped in and assumed the role of Email Communications Chair. She made recommendations on which software to use and created the format for Tuned in Tuesday while still laying out and editing the Guild Horn for publication for the remainder of the year. She now publishes Tuned in Tuesday twice a month which has streamlined the many Guild communications that are being sent out each week to the membership. In her role as 2019-2020 Email Communications Chair, Nancye’s high level of organization and steady guidance proved to be a valuable asset to then Guild president, Vanessa Skenes.

   In addition to her positions as Community Relations Co-Chair and Email Communications Chair, Nancye has been Treasurer for the Love ‘n Music Tennis fundraiser for the last three years. Nancye is a very active Guild member and has volunteered at the Elementary School Concerts, the Middle School Concerts, the Super Sale and A Notable Night fundraiser. She is always willing to volunteer her time and talents and is always glad to help other Guild members. 

    Nancye is from Danville, Virginia, and earned her undergraduate degree from Longwood University. She is married to Charles Milam and they have a daughter, Blair. In her spare time, Nancye likes to play tennis and garden.

   The Symphony Guild is proud and fortunate to recognize Nancye Milam as the 2020 Bravo Award recipient and looks forward to her contributions for many years to come.