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A Message from Garson Rice, Jr., Greensboro Symphony Orchestra Board Chair

Robert Green, Greensboro Symphony Orchestra Board Chair

The Greensboro Symphony Guild marks its 51st year of supporting the outstanding work of our Symphony and, given the Symphony’s key role in the entire Triad region, the Guild’s work truly reverberates throughout the Triad. The Guild’s partnership, leadership, and financial support have been integral to the success of our Orchestra and its many programs. 

One incredible example of the Guild’s community-wide influence: its participation in educational outreach initiatives such as the Music in the Middle and Elementary School concerts, which touch the lives of 50,000+ students across four counties. The Guild’s tireless workers sacrifice not only countless hours volunteering their time, but provide essential financial support to cover educational expenses as well. One has only to watch with a certain awe the care, hard work and dedication with which they set up their bi-annual Super Sale to see what a tremendous asset this organization is to the Symphony’s mission of artistic excellence. 

Speaking of the Guild’s projects, this year features some of the most exciting events in recent memory. The Guild’s first fundraiser of the year, Feast and Follies, will mark the first major performance in our new but already beloved LeBauer Park. (If you’ve not been yet, do so post-haste.)

The Guild also embarks on a new relationship with Dillard’s in October with the VIP Grand Opening Preview Event at Four Season Town Centre—an evening that is sure to be fun as well as fundraising! In December, we see another beautiful Presentation Ball, as well as the Socials at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Roy & Vanessa Carroll’s Centerpointe Ballroom, and Historical Museum, along with the always-popular spring tennis tournament at Starmount. These great events will add fun and laughter to an already busy year.

As I have said before, no greater stewards for our Orchestra exist than the dear and valued partners in this amazingly energetic and superbly effective Symphony Guild. If you are not already a member, I certainly hope that you will seriously consider joining this wonderful organization so that you yourself become a steward of the Symphony and our community. 

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